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Constant Discomfort

Humans are constantly uncomfortable. We are always hungry, thirsty, physically tired, angry, sad, or disinterested. As a result, humans are always working to be come more comfortable. Comfort can come from positive thoughts or focused optimism. Often, optimism or a positive attitude is able to over come common discomfort. Most people are able transcend common discomfort based on their perspective. Momentary discomfort can be set aside as one looks to their greater role or purpose.

Many would argue that this is a pessimist’s view of human nature. However, at the end of the day, humans are working up Maslow’s hierarchy of basic needs. As food and water become easier to gather — if not automatic — people relegate this discomfort to subconscious thought patterns. Or, perhaps, survival basics (i.e., food and water) are assumed by most in the developed world to be easily managed or solvable.

Next time you’re in a meeting, recognize some of the thoughts going through your head. Slow down. Recognize your inclinations or volitions. Count the number of times you: shift your weight in a chair, reach for water or become very disinterested in what the speaker is saying. Recognize your discomfort and how you transcend above it to be positive. Or, if you’re inherently negative, recognize why you can’t manage or transcend above your discomfort.

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