May 14th, 2008 Systems posted by dmerritts View Comments

Getting It Right vs. Getting It Done

In the start-up world, you’re always working with limited time and resources. This means that you’re constantly trading off getting something done v.s. getting it right. There are certain things that you have to get right. And, by right, I mean perfect. Typically, these are finishing tasks, not thinking tasks. I think of finishing tasks as making things look really sexy. It’s amazing how much creditability making something ‘look good’ brings to the overall message or objective. The same message poorly illustrated will likely fail. This, of course, depends on your audience and whether or not they’re visual or auditory listeners.

I always prioritize the “perfect tasks” based on proximity or closeness to customers or revenue. The more important or influential a deliverable is to the customer the better it must look. This means make the outbound documents pretty because your customers do care, while make the engineering documents utilitarian because they don’t care.
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