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Welcome to Systems@Work

Fundamentally, I’m a systems person. Systems in a interaction sense, not just an information technology sense. I like to observe systems in operation. A system could be any number of interactions involving people, processes and technology:

  • Restaurants
  • Social or People Group Dynamics
  • IT Systems
  • Products
  • Libraries
  • Large Events
  • Organizations
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Natural Ecosystems

I enjoy understanding how and why systems operate the way they do. Each system has been created (or evolved) to solve a problem or set of problems. Restaurants to feed the hungry. Groups to socialize. IT systems to transform data. Products to add value. Libraries to house information. Events to entertain. Organizations to orchestrate value creation. Marketing campaigns to persuade buyers. Natural ecosystems to create and sustain life.

At the end of the day, I am most fascinated with the method and ability employed to solve the problem. This blog will capture my thoughts on systems in the world around as well as my experience solving certain problems within certain domains. Most of my professional experience involves large scale IT service delivery operations and enterprise management software product management. Many of the examples and topics I pull will be from these domains, yet you may be surprised by the other topics I cover in my rumblings.

My goal is to publish 4 times a week.

Disclaimer: All opinions are solely my own and do not reflect the companies I have worked for or organizations I may be associated. Any characters or personalities discussed are not associated with a single individual and rather an abstraction and recompilation of people I have interacted with in my life.
  • beth

    Hiya Dan! Glad I bumbled my way to your blog. Let’s see, the system called blog – that is to share information and ideas, yes? And the interface, it is primarily via the web browser to the actual blog, yes? Unless you find that most of your readership RSSs and gets to see your entries & comments in their newsreader application, then I’d like to suggest, from a process perspective, that white type on black background is hard to read – at least for my aging eyes it is. Reader friendly print publications generally avoid the construct except as a graphic element to highlight a single quote or phrase, using enlarged type.

    Love that your blogging – looking forward to reading (and chatting with) you some more soon.

  • beth

    YAY! Love the new background & typeface. Very readable. :)

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